Hollinger Project Document Repository

A project of this magnitude and complexity generates numerous technical documents and reports. Many of these documents may be of interest at various times and to a diverse range of audiences. An informational list of activities by date and topic provides easy access to all project related information. If there is something that you are looking for, or a topic that you are interested in, and you can't locate the required information, please submit a request to the Community Liaison Coordinator.

Porcupine Gold Mines

Policies and Procedures
DateDocument Details
January 16, 2015Goldcorp Canada Lt. STanrd Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Good and/or Services
January 16, 2015Schedule "A" Site Specific Terms
December 19, 2013Accessibility Policy

Hollinger Open Pit

Noise & Dust Reports
DateDocument Details
June 29, 2020Day Noise Report
June 29, 2020Night Noise Report
June 29, 2020Dust Report
June 29, 2020Weather Report
June 28, 2020Night Noise Report

Blasting Reports
DateDocument Details
June 30, 2020Blast Report
June 29, 2020Blast Report
June 28, 2020Blast Report
June 25, 2020Blast Report
June 24, 2020Blast Report

Fact Sheets
DateDocument Details

Other Studies and Reports
DateDocument Details
August 27, 20192019 Acoustic Audit - Hollinger Project
May 31, 2019Toxic Reduction Plan 2018
May 15, 2019Hollinger Ambient Air Report 2018
September 11, 2018Toxic Reduction Act 2017
July 3, 20182018 Acoustic Audit - Hollinger Project